Relations with Armenia can become even more productive, PM says

Greece and Armenia have historic ties that stretch across the centuries and can now become even more productive in view of the common challenges that lie ahead, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday, during joint statements with his Armenian counterpart Nikol Pashinyan in Athens.

The Armenian prime minister’s visit was a significant step in consolidating the already excellent relations with Armenia, Mitsotakis said, adding that they will have the opportunity to discuss bilateral cooperation in areas such as renewable energy sources and technology.

“We are also collaborating in the defence sector,” Mitsotakis added, saying his talks with his Armenian counterpart had additionally touched on ways to improve Greek-Armenian trade relations.

Regional developments were also discussed, Mitsotakis told reporters, noting that the two countries shared many common positions. “We are steadfastly opposed to any form of threat or use of force, always on the side of international law, absolutely dedicated to respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of every state”, he said.

Mitsotakis noted that roughly 100,000 refugees from highland Karabakh need relief: “Greece supports your initiative “Crossroads of Peace” announced by the prime minister in December so that the region can be converted into a hub for trade… only joint prosperity is able to silence guns and the progress of peoples deflects the plans of authoritarian leaders.”

The Greek prime minister expressed full support for Armenia’s orientation toward the West and said it was natural for Greece to be prepared to help build this new, liberal democracy. He also declared Greece’s support for Armenia in the protection of its important cultural heritage in areas such as highland Karabakh.

Armenian PM Pashinyan: Bilateral relations are making rapid progress

On his part, Pashinyan stated that his visit to Athens is important and that he will have the opportunity with the Greek prime minister to discuss bilateral issues, as well as Armenia’s relations with the EU.

He also thanked Greece for its support of the Armenian community living in Greece, noting that there was also a Greek community in Armenia which contributes to economic and commercial life.

The prime minister of Armenia thanked Greece for its help in developing his country’s cooperation with the EU, adding that the results of the reforms will soon become even more visible.