‘Rebrain Greece’ digital platform in operation

The “Rebrain Greece” digital platform of the Labour and Social Security Ministry aspires to become a modern hub to connect supply and demand of highly skilled workers.

The recently passed labour law 5053/2023, for the first time creates a digital platform, named “Rebrain Greece”, for the development of a mechanism to strengthen talented people and connect scientists-workers who live in and outside of Greece with jobs in highly skilled and specialised occupations offered by private sector companies operating in Greece.

This initiative of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which attempts to deal with the difficulty of finding executives with specialised skills, which business representatives record every day, is aimed both at Greeks who have emigrated and work abroad and those who live in Greece.

Adonis Georgiadis: The goal is to transform Greece into a ‘brain gain’ country

“Our goal is to transform Greece into a “brain gain” country, to which our young people who left for abroad, during the memorandum years, will return,” stated Labour and Social Security Minister Adonis Georgiadis to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA), while he underlined that the people working abroad developed additional skills, learned more things and saw how other economies work.

“If we could make them return to Greece, then we would attract not only people who had left, but we would attract people who would be of a higher quality as a workforce. This is a big bet for Greece. With the “Rebrain Greece” platform, I think we can make the beginning,” underlined Georgiadis.