Rasco unveils first Croatian hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle

ZAGREB, 13 May (Hina) – The Rasco company unveiled the first Croatian hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle – the Lynx H2 5000 road sweeper – at the IFAT environmental technology fair in Munich on Monday.

The Lynx H2 5000 is powered by electric motors such as those used by electric cars, the difference being that the energy does not come from a battery, but from H2 fuel cells. When converting hydrogen into electrical energy, the only by-product is water.

The sweeper can operate up to eight hours on a single charge. Unlike its previous diesel and electric 2-cubic-metre versions, the Lynx H2 5000 has a capacity of 5 cubic meters and a sweeping width of 3.5 meters.

This road sweeper was fully developed by Rasco, which employs over 400 people and is one of the generators of development in northwestern Croatia. Since Croatia does not have an industrial or public charging station for hydrogen vehicles, the road sweeper is intended for foreign markets, where Rosco generates 90 per cent of its revenue.