Public consultations on a draft organic production law launched

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management has invited all interested stakeholders to submit their comments and suggestions on a Draft Law on Organic Production by 23 November.

The Ministry invites citizens, scientific and expert communities, public institutions, professional associations, political entities, non-governmental and international organizations, media, and all interested stakeholders to take part in the public consultations and contribute to the development of the Law on Organic Production.

The public consultations will last for 30 days from the announcement of the public invitation on the Ministry’s website https://www.gov.me/mpsv, i.e. until 23 November.

Comments and suggestions can be emailed at milica.buckovic@mpsv.gov.me and miodrag.dosljak@mpsv.gov.me.

As an EU candidate country, Montenegro plans to align its national legislation with relevant EU acquis during this and the next year.

“As a system of sustainable production, organic agriculture is one of the priorities in the development of Montenegrin agriculture. In the last decade, interest in organic production has been constantly growing, both in terms of total areas and the number of organic producers,” stated the Ministry.

According to the Ministry, this piece of legislation is expected to pave the way for a sustainable development of organic farming and ensure its positive effects on the environment, while allowing for an efficient functioning of the internal market of organic produce, fair competition and distribution of revenues.