Prince Radu:INVICTUS Veterans Relay raises awareness of blood price paid by the nation to join NATO, EU

The INVICTUS Veterans Relay brings into public awareness the blood price paid by the nation for Romania to be able to become a NATO and EU member, Prince Radu said at the ceremony organized on Thursday at the Elisabeta Palace on the occasion of Crown Custodian Margareta handing over the relay to the racers.

“Some of you, who have paid a life-changing price for your patriotism and for defending the country, do not forget that for hundreds of years, heroes like you have sacrificed everything for the homeland! In any decent country that respects its identity, they are never forgotten, therefore, honor to you and to those of you who decided, ten years ago, to take on the road from Bucharest and respectively Chisinau to [northern] Carei and for three weeks raise awareness of every local community you pass through, from the smallest village to the biggest city, that we belong to a nation that paid a price of blood for us to be today members of NATO and EU, two alliances that join the dignified family of free nations on Earth. (…) Starting from 2016, we joined the efforts of the Invictus Association for carrying forward this noble idea,” said Prince Radu.

He went on to express appreciation for the “rare” example set by the participants in the INVICTUS Veterans Relay, telling them that they “balance the virtues and principles the Romanian Crown believes in. Generosity, patriotism, caring for others, respect for the family and for those who need help are all virtues that are hard to find in Romanian society of today. No wonder that the Romanian Army and the Crown, the institution of faith and the academic environment stand by you, because in their turn, they are all institutions that protect the dignity of our nation,” the Prince told the relay participants.

Now at its 10th edition, the INVICTUS Veterans Relay is a national event taking place until October 25, organized under the auspices of the National Defense Ministry, with the aim of promoting the memory of Romanian heroes through sport.

The more than 500 volunteer relay racers – runners and cyclists, servicepeople and civilians, will cover more than 3,300 kilometers on three routes – the symbolic blue, yellow and red one – from Bucharest, Calarasi and Pitesti to Carei, where they are set to arrive on Army Day.