President Rumen Radev, Jewish Organizations in New York Discuss Prospects for Deepening Bulgaria’s Ties with USA and Israel

President Rumen Radev discussed the prospects for deepening Bulgaria’s ties with the United States and Israel at meetings with representatives of Jewish organizations in New York. The Bulgarian head of State highlighted high technologies, economy, energy, and security as particularly important areas for the development of the partnership, where many projects are being developed that contribute to Bulgaria’s modernization. During the meetings, representatives of Jewish organizations expressed their appreciation for the active role of the Bulgarian President in strengthening relations with the US and Israel.

The rescue of the Bulgarian Jews during World War II is a moral lesson that the world needs today. The fight against discrimination, hate speech and anti-Semitism requires united efforts and highlighting positive examples such as the noble work of Bulgaria in the darkest years for Europe, was the common position of the participants in the meetings. Some of the representatives of the Jewish organizations shared personal or family stories that are part of Bulgaria’s unique achievement in ensuring that not a single Bulgarian citizen of Jewish origin was sent to the death camps or killed in Bulgaria.

President Rumen Radev highlighted the national programme with which, under his patronage, Bulgaria commemorates the 80th anniversary of the rescue of its Jewish community of 50,000 people in WW II. The head of State invited the representatives of Jewish organizations to visit Bulgaria to commemorate the 80th anniversary, or to participate in various initiatives and business forums that would contribute to deepening economic ties with Bulgaria.

President’s Administration Photo – President Rumen Radev, Jewish Organizations in New York