Vice President Inaugurates Biomass Power Plant for Electricity, Heat Production

Vice President Iliana Iotova inaugurated Thursday a power plant for the production of electricity and heat from biomass at Svilosa AD [producer of bleached kraft pulp and products thereof] in Svishtov – a project implemented with Chinese investments. She described the new facility as “good news for Bulgaria”.

“We are used to seeing the good news in the background of the daily black chronicles, of political decisions that instead of facilitating, hinder the development of the Bulgarian economy, in the background of the scandalous smoke that is released by various institutions to divert attention from what every Bulgarian is interested in,” Iotova said.

“I hope that in the coming days, in addition to fighting President Radev, the government will seriously take up legislation that will make people’s lives easier,” the Vice President commented on the political situation in the country. “Instead of mindless decisions, focus on important laws. Since the beginning of its work, the parliament has passed 10 laws, seven of which are international ratifications, three are related to the budget. [The rest of the new legislation] are amendment laws, most of which were proposed by the caretaker cabinet,” she added.

“Instead of supporting the development of the economy, the state continuously creates obstacles with unthought-out legislation,” Iliana Iotova stated.

Responding to a journalist’s question about the resignation of the Interior Ministry’s Secretary General, Iliana Iotova said that this is not the first time attempts are being made to aggressively politicize the Interior Ministry.