Police officers are equipped with body-worn cameras, transparency and accountability are expected to increase

The Kosova Police has received 250 body-worn cameras and 113 camera systems installed in police vehicles, a donation from the United States of America. The donation, worth about $1.8 million, was said to increase police transparency and accountability.
The director of the Kosova Police, Gazmend Hoxha, said that the cameras will be used by the traffic and border police units, whereas some will also be distributed in the north.
“We think that these cameras will be very useful for the work of the Kosova Police, in order to increase the accountability and transparency of the work of the police. Of course, we will hold our police officers accountable for the work they do, and it will also have an impact on increasing the trust of our citizens in the work of the police. Likewise, even if there is an excess of powers, all those who violate these principles will be held responsible. At the same time, these will be used as evidence and testimony before the courts for any violation or testimony. These cameras will be used by our traffic units and border police units. A part of them will also be distributed in the north, in our units that are in that part”, he said.
On the other hand, the US ambassador, Jeffrey Hovenier, said that this project is of vital importance for increasing citizens’ trust in the Kosova Police and the rule of law.
“These body-worn cameras are a vital new resource for law enforcement here in Kosovo. They will enhance public trust and confidence in police, provide unbias evidence of police and community actions, and significantly improve accountability. One of the Unites States most important goals for Kosovo is to see it take its place, its rightful place in the European and Euro-Atlantic structures, as an inclusive and multi-ethnic democracy. That cannot happen without transparent, fair and accountable rule of law institutions, including the police… This donation is I hope a visible demonstration of the abiding commitment we have and we share with the Kosova Police, to support the provision of accountable and transparent law enforcement services for each and every citizen of Kosovo”, he said.
The donation was made possible thanks to the joint project between INL-DOS and ICITAP-DOJ, and the Embassy of the United States of America in Prishtina.