Plenković: Government’s measures to curb inflation obviously effective

ZAGREB, 31 May (Hina) – Commenting on the latest data on inflation on Friday, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said it is obvious that the government’s measures to limit energy prices and selected basic products are having an effect, assessing that Croatia is experiencing a “very good” economic trend.

The state bureau of statistics reported today that Croatia’s inflation rate in May, measured by consumer prices, slipped to 3.3% on the year decreasing from 3.7% in April. That is its lowest level since September 2021, when it was also 3.3%. As observed by the main index components, services increased in price in May by 6.1% on the year, while the prices of food, beverages and tobacco increased by 3.2%. Energy prices increased by 1.9%В and industrial non-food products by 1.5%.

After attending an official meeting of the City Council on the occasion of Zagreb City Day, Plenković told reporters that was yet another month in which inflation decreased.

“We have a very good trend in Croatia. We have GDP growth and a decrease in inflation. The measures we have taken, which concern capping the prices of energy sources and subsidising the price of electricity, gas and refined derivatives, plus capping the consumer basket of 30 key products, are having an effect, because we see here that the prices of energy products are also decreasing and the prices of food and beverages are increasing at a slower rate. This is very good,” Plenković said.

He added that such economic trends, with 1,722,000 people in employment and slightly more than 88,000 currently unemployed, are a very good start at the beginning of HDZ’s third term in government.