PISA results dubbed red alert for education

The Montenegrin students scored worse at the most recent PISA test than they did the previous one, placing once again Montenegro at the bottom part of the scoreboard, the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation and the Testing Center said at the presentation organized on Tuesday.

Ministry Senior official Dragan Bojovic said that they are not satisfied with the PISA test results, adding that they are a red alert for the Montenegrin education.

According to him, it is obvious that the education must be reformed in order to be improved, adding that some reforms were carried out in the previous years and decades, but were proved as being inefficient.

“We must align our system with the modern teaching methods. We live in a digital era and it is indisputable that the whole education system digitalization is necessary”, said Bojovic.

Testing Center director Milos Trivic said that the PISA test was organized in Montenegro in the period between April and May last year, when 5,793 students from 63 schools were tested in mathematics, reading and science.

He underscored that this is a generation of students who attended the school online in the previous school year, due to the coronavirus epidemics.

Trivic explains that Montenegro is in all areas in the bottom third group of the countries, adding that the students scored 406 points in mathematics, which is the 54th position.

Speaking about the reading test, he said that Montenegro scored 405 points, or the 56th position, while in the science test it scored 403 points, or the 62nd position.

Trivic adds that Montenegro is better positioned than North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, and worse than Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

He added that in all three areas Montenegro did worse than it did in 2018.

Speaking about the impact of social and economic disparities to academic performance, Trivic said that those with social and economic advantage, 25 per cent of them, surpassed with 67 points the students in a disadvantaged position.