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Photo exhibition from Far East at “Marubi” Museum

TIRANA, April 5/ATA/ The National Museum of Photography “MARUBI” in the Northern Albanian city of Shkodra has staged an exhibition with amazing views of temples, rituals, traditions and landscapes of Japan. And it extended an invitation to all art lovers, especially those fond of photography to come and have a taste of the exhibition that opens today.

The exhibition entitled “Felice Beato and Adolfo Farsari: Two Italians in the Far East” follows cooperation with the “Alinari” Foundation for photography and consultant Rossella Menegazzo.

In the exhibition, there are put on display pieces of history carved in time, presented in images that try to restrain the inevitable and transformative force of modernity.

Writing in a post in the social media, Minister of Economy, Culture and Innovation Blendi Gonxhja appreciated that the rare exhibition is opened thanks to dedication of the “Marubi” Museum and is realized with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation and the Italian Institute of Culture in Tirana.

The exhibition marks the first event of cooperation between the two institutions and displays the works of two important authors for the history of Italian and world photography. The authors in question were among the first to photograph the Far East, Japan in particular, thus contributing to the spread of the cultural phenomenon of Japonisme in Europe./