Osmani: Women can be successful in state leadership

Wherever there is inclusive leadership, there is progress, prosperity and democracy flourishes at its best. Day by day, we understand that we can have great success, either in the leadership of the state, a company or in the community organization when girls and women are present, involved, have an active role, their voice is heard and they make decisions on an equal platform.

This is what the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, said on the second day of the “Women’s Week 2024” conference, while emphasizing that returning to Women’s Week is always like returning home. Osmani emphasized that women’s challenges are large and complex, but we must engage in building a society that values and fully utilizes the contribution of each individual, including women.

Among other things, Osmani said that by excluding women and girls from decision-making and inclusiveness, entire communities fail.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Ambassador and Consul at the Embassy of Canada for Croatia and Kosovo, Nathalie Niedoba said that with the removal of discrimination, women can have access, be comprehensive and positive in their families.

Niedoba emphasized that Canada’s vision is a world where all women and girls are empowered, have control over their lives, live free from violence and participate in decision-making in their societies.

She added that the Prime Minister of Canada has announced several billion dollars to promote the rights of women, children and adolescents.

Meanwhile, the director of the program at the National Democratic Institute, Pranvera Lipovica, said that by building on the basic principles of democracy with the main topic “Leadership and inclusiveness, combining politics with the economy”, through the addresses and planned sessions aim for a fruitful discussion that stands gender and reflects on the unique lived experiences of women.

She emphasized that the inclusion of women and underrepresented communities in decision-making processes increases the legitimacy and credibility of public institutions.

Lipovica said that “Women’s Week” remains a special and very important platform for dialogue with the topics that are a priority for individuals and different groups of society, which they have seen to be developed and take the form it has today, throughout these 12 years.

The National Democratic Institute also held a conference yesterday (Tuesday) on the occasion of “Women’s Week 2024”.