Osmani: We are ready for any scenario of Serbia

The country’s president, Vjosa Osmani, declared that Kosovo is ready for any scenario of Serbia. She said that she is in daily contact with security institutions and international partners to protect Kosovo.

This is how the head of state answered, when she was asked about possible attacks.

She was also asked by the journalists about the meeting with the leaders of the opposition, where she said that there was no cancellation of the meeting with the head of AAK, Ramush Haradinaj.

“There was no cancellation, as my office also announced; it was a matter of a few minutes, a clear matter of protocol. Of course, the door of the presidency as an institution is always open, as it has been until now. so that we can discuss with the representatives of the opposition parties. But not only to discuss but to take into account their positions and as far as possible to include them in the institutional positions of the Republic of Kosovo. But this is their solution. Of course, whenever they want us to meet in order to unify the positions on these topics that are important for all our citizens, for our future, as the president of the country, I am ready to meet them”, she declared.

The head of state announced that they are in daily coordination and contact with international partners regarding possible attacks by Serbia.