Osmani congratulates on the occasion of the Day of Force: KSF, ready to join NATO

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, has congratulated the country on the Day of Force. In her visit to the “Adem Jashari” barracks, alongside Prime Minister Albin Kurti, she said that this day is a day of pride for everyone, for which a lot of blood has been shed.

She appreciated the role of the KSF for the security of the region, for which she said it was trained according to NATO standards.

“Today is the day of the KSF, it is a day of pride not only for the soldiers of our army, but also for every citizen, a day when we remember the day of the great sacrifice of our people to come to this day for which a lot of blood has been shed so that Kosovo has its own army. I am convinced that every soldier wears his uniform with pride, that’s why he is ready to give his life for the country if necessary. Today, the KSF is a force trained according to the highest standards of NATO, a force which contributes not only to peace in the region, but also beyond. Serving alongside the American, British and other allied armies in different countries of the world, thus proving that the KSF is ready to join NATO. As the Supreme Commander, it is seen in the world that the successes of this army are admired”, said the first lady of the country.

Osmani, who also has the role of Supreme Commander of the KSF, pledged that better conditions will be created for the country’s soldiers, in order to increase their willingness to work.

“We will work to create better conditions by working with other institutions, be it welfare or training, so that every soldier has more prosperity and motivation for more work. We are constantly in coordination so that the army reaches the highest peaks. Congratulations to everyone on the Day of Force and the November holidays”, President Osmani concluded.