Oldest male candidate in parliamentary election 95, female 87

ZAGREB, April 3 (Hina) – The oldest candidate among men in the forthcoming parliamentary election is 95 and the youngest 18, while among women the oldest is 87 and the youngest 18 and a half, State Electoral Commission data show.

The oldest male candidate is on the Homeland Movement’s slate in Constituency 1, while the oldest female candidate is on the Croatian Socialist Liberal Party’s slate in Constituency 10.

The youngest male candidate is on the slate of Ivan Pernar’s party, while the youngest female candidate is from the Determination and Justice party led by Karolina Vidović Krišto.

There is a total of 2,302 candidates standing in the election, or 15.2 vying for one seat in parliament, and 58% of the candidates are men.

Candidates in parliamentary elections are increasingly old, 50.7 on average in this election and the oldest in the last four parliamentary elections. In 2015, the average candidate was 44.5 years olf, in 2016 47.4 and in 2020 48.6.

In this election, 90.6% of the candidates are over 30.