Nissinen is optimistic about the lifting of the measures: Kosovo and Serbia should use the momentum for normalization

Kosovo has made progress in fulfilling the requirements of the European Union, says the Finnish ambassador to Kosovo, Matti Nissinen, as he expresses optimism that soon progress will be made to lift the measures. He is waiting for the implementation of the Brussels and Ohrid agreement until he says that it is the momentum for normalization and expansion.

In the interview for KosovaPress, Nissinen talks about Finland’s entry into NATO, as well as the excellent relations with Kosovo, which he says will deepen as he sees potential in the country’s youth. He emphasizes Finland’s support to Kosovo in all European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations, with special emphasis on membership in the “Partnership for Peace” program and the Adriatic Charter.

He also welcomes Kosovars to visit Finland from January 1.

Regarding the act of Serbian aggression in Banjska, Nissinen says that the European Union expects the perpetrators of the attack to be brought to justice. While he expresses optimism about the removal of reversible measures against Kosovo.

According to him, Kosovo will not lack Finland’s support in foreign policy.

The Finnish diplomat positively assesses Kosovo’s achievements, which, as he says, are also evidenced in the Progress Report. He emphasizes that Kosovo’s commitment to the European path is clear.

He also sees progress in the country’s economic development.

While visa liberalization will take place from January 1, Nissinen invites the citizens of Kosovo to visit Finland.