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New multifunctional hall at General Directorate of Archives, Bido: A good opportunity for Albanian youth to reveal their talent

TIRANA, May 1/ATA/ At the premises of the General Directorate of Archives, there is opened a new cultural space.

This is a multifunctional hall that opened on Tuesday in the presence of dozens of students of the University of Arts and will serve as a cinema, lecture hall, training and events place.

On occasion of opening of this hall, the Directorate of Archives and the University of Arts signed a cooperation agreement which paves the way for implementation of a series of artistic and cultural projects.

The representatives of the two institutions, Prof. Dr. Assoc. Ardit Bido and Rector, Prof. Kastriot Çaushi agreed on the terms of a 5-year agreement which stipulates holding of joint activities.

This agreement also aims to provide easy access for students of all cycles, as well as for the University of Arts lecturers, to the archival property owned by the Directorate of Archives.

In his speech to the event, Bido said that this hall offers a very good opportunity for the Albanian youth to reveal their talent in several artistic genres.

On his part, Çaushi expressed his appreciation and surprise for this initiative, which has transformed the Archive into a cultural alternative.