NATO Admiral: Everyone should stand down in their provocative behavior

The commander of NATO’s Joint Forces Command, Admiral Stuart B. Munsch, stated that the situation in the north is tense. He called for negotiations and diplomacy to reduce tensions and reach a compromise. This is what he said after presiding over the change of command of KFOR, which was held in Prishtina.

He told the media that Serbian forces have withdrawn from the border with Kosovo at the request of KFOR. Also, he emphasized that the increase in peacekeeping mission troops in Kosovo and the introduction of heavy weapons is a message for everyone to give up provocative behavior.

After the change of KFOR command ceremony, Admiral Munsch said that after the meetings with the leaders in Kosovo, he will also visit Serbia tomorrow.

On Tuesday, he said that the negotiations are being hindered due to the lack of trust, which he considered to be a worrying environment.

The commander of the Allied Joint Force Command of NATO announced that the last group that will bring heavier weapons to Kosovo is a message to give up provocative behavior.

Commander of NATO’s Joint Forces Command, Admiral Stuart B. Munsch, noted that on September 24, the outcome could have been much worse, but the reactionaries have stopped the violence.