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National Defence College Hosts Forum on Bulgaria’s NATO Membership

Bulgaria cannot have sustainability and prosperity without its NATO membership, said Major General Todor Dochev, Head of the G. С. Rakovski National Defence College. He opened the first day of a scientific conference with international participation on “20 years of Bulgaria in NATO and NATO in Bulgaria” at the G. S. Rakovski National Defence College. The forum will last until 4 April.

This year the focus of the annual scientific conference is on the 75th anniversary of the Washington Treaty (1949) and the 20th anniversary of Bulgaria’s NATO membership.

Major General Todor Dochev noted that Bulgaria’s accession to NATO was a major foreign policy priority of our country in the 1990s. After the changes, the first and biggest conquest was Bulgaria’s accession to NATO, he pointed out, noting that this was a strategic priority and choice.

The alliance has become the main guarantor of the country’s security, Dochev said.

Bulgaria strives to contribute to strengthening the political dialogue, contributes to NATO operations in response to crises and operations, Major General Dochev added.