Montenegro to join global progress in AI management

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – According to Minister of Public Administration Marash Dukaj, Montenegro plans to become part of the global progress in artificial intelligence (AI) management.

“The global trend envisages that artificial intelligence will improve many aspects of our lives, including healthcare, transportation, education, and other sectors, contributing to the development of more efficient public administration,” Dukaj said at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)+20 Forum in Geneva.

He participated in the session “Leader TalkX: Securing the Digital Realm: Collaborative Strategies for Trust and Resilience.”

“It is very important to consider issues related to ethics, data privacy, and security in the development of AI technologies,” Dukaj said at the panel.

He added that reaching a balance between human and artificial intelligence was crucial, along with integrating the well-being of employees and society.

“The application of artificial intelligence brings certain risks and challenges that every society needs to face and leverage towards future development opportunities,” said Dukaj.

According to him, AI technology has a range of applications with the potential to transform the way we work, as well as our everyday life.

“Although many of these transformations are exciting, they also bring many challenges. One additional challenge concerns data privacy, particularly whether publicly accessible systems respect the privacy of data provided by users and whether there is a risk of data leakage,” noted Dukaj.

He added that advancements in this technology could not only contribute to increased productivity but could also be exploited for malicious cyber attacks, which required enhanced cyber defense.

Dukaj underlined the necessity of greater cooperation between the public and private sectors to encourage AI research and to motivate industry leaders to embrace open-source collaboration.

“Ultimately, it is our responsibility as political leaders to ensure the development of our economies and secure all benefits for citizens through the appropriate use of modern technologies, without compromising human rights, equality, and the right to decide on issues crucial for the development of societies, environmental protection, and sustainable development,” said Dukaj.