Mitsotakis: We stand by Israel but also urge all sides to show restraint

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met on Monday with the Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency, Věra Jourová, at the Maximos Mansion.

“Any escalation at this time would be a critical threat for regional stability and security. We continue to stand by Israel but, at the same time, we urge all sides to show the necessary restraint in order to avoid a probably very dangerous further escalation,” Mitsotakis noted at the start of his meeting with the European Commission vice president.

Speaking of issues relating to the rule of law, he underlined that cooperation with the Commission continues to be excellent. “I believe that significant progress has been made, which is also acknowledged by the European Commission. We always take the recommendations of the annual report on the rule of law very seriously and try to comply in the best possible way. I am happy with the progress we have achieved and our teams are all at your disposal to examine the details of the issues you have raised and to ensure that we will respond as much as is possible”, he said.

On her part, the vice president of the European Commission referred to her very good cooperation with the Greek authorities. “You are aware that all four issues we cover in the report on the rule of law are essential for our democratic systems, whether this has to do with justice and the prosecution stage, or with the legislative process, or the state of the media, the tackling of corruption and the overall the system of institutional controls. It is a very important set of factors or areas that we would like to see working well in all member states,” she said.