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Ministry of Culture and AADF, Memorandum of Good-Understanding for development plan of Berat Castle

Minister of Culture Elva Margariti and Chairman of the board of the Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) Michael Granoff signed today a Memorandum of Good-Understanding for the development plan of Berat Castle.

“We took another important step for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage”, Margariti wrote in the social media.

According to Minister Margariti, the cooperation with a key actor, the Municipality of Berat, will create the proper balance between the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, tourist and economic development, as well as the support of the community that lives in this museum-neighborhood.

Berat Castle is one of the few medieval castles with a busy activity within its walls. It is one of the biggest historical monuments of the Balkans, a great fortress that dominates over the Osum River. The castle is built according to a triangular plan. If seen from below, the castle looks like part of the hill.

There are about 14 churches inside the castle, something which has made it quite famous./