Minister confirms Krško nuclear power plant stopped as a precaution

Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Davor Filipović said on Friday that the Krško nuclear power plant was stopped as a precaution, noting that he had talked to the plant’s management and that there was no risk to the population or the environment.

Asked by reporters about the situation at the jointly-owned Slovenian-Croatian power plant, Filipović said that its management was doing its best to remove the problem and enable the plant to resume operating as soon as possible.

The Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) said in a press release on Thursday afternoon that it would be stopped as a precaution due to increased discharges from the primary system inside the containment building.

The NEK nuclear power station, which has been in continuous operation since the completion of a regular overhaul in 2022, will be stopped as a precaution, the press release reads.

The discharge has no effect on the employees, population or the environment, the NEK stressed.