Migrants do not solve demographic decline – Meloni

Migration is not the solution to the demographic decline facing many European countries including Italy, Premier Giorgia Meloni said at the Budapest Demographic Summit in Hungary on Thursday.

“It is often instrumentally claimed that migration will contribute to the growth of our populations. I do not agree with this narrative,” said Meloni.

“I am convinced that great nations must take responsibility for building their own future,” she continued.

“Migrants, if fully integrated, can make a contribution, but we have to take greater responsibility for ourselves, as European citizens, finding solutions to the crises of the European system,” added Meloni.

“Population decline is not a destiny, it is a choice.

And it is not the choice we are looking at,” she said.

Meloni said resources must be mobilised to support the family “as it is, Hungary provides a perfect example”.

“Hungary shows that things can change if we have the courage to make the necessary choices and investments,” she continued.

“In Hungary, the declining trend in the birth rate has been halted, jobs have increased, and so has the employment of women,” said Meloni, adding that “a great battle” is needed to defend families, which means “defending identity, defending God and all the things that have built our civilisation”.

Supporting families and lifting the birth rate are absolute priorities of the Italian government so that “the future might be better than the present”, she concluded.