Maqedonci in Budapest: Those responsible for the attack in Banjska have not been punished yet

The Minister of Defense, Ejup Maqedonci, participated in a meeting with the defense ministers of the Central European Defense Cooperation (CEDC) and the partner countries of the Western Balkans (WB) in Budapest, Hungary.

On this occasion, minister Maqedonci emphasized the fact that those responsible for the September 24 terrorist attack in Banjska of Zveçan continue to be free and unpunished.

In his address, Minister Maqedonci reiterated the importance of supporting Ukraine in its just struggle for the preservation of sovereignty and the protection of territorial integrity, while informing those present about Kosovo’s contribution in supporting Ukraine.

Minister Maqedonci reconfirmed Kosovo’s strategic orientation for membership in the EU and NATO, as well as requested the support of the participating countries for the realization of our country’s aspirations.