KSF ready to defend the country, international partners support the army

The Kosovo Security Force (KSF) has gathered its partners at the annual conference “KSF and partners conference 2023” organized by the Ministry of Defense to improve international cooperation and to realize plans with partners. The international partners expressed their readiness to continue support and cooperation with Kosovo as well as thanking for the support that Kosovo offers them.

The Minister of Defense, Ejup Maqedonci, said that the partnership is very important to face challenges and security operations in common interests.

Maqedonci also spoke about the September 24 terrorist attack in Banjska, for which he said that the attack against Kosovo ended without success thanks to the interventions of the Kosova Police and good coordination with partners.

“Thanks to the Kosova Police extraordinary professionalism, the excellent synchronization of instruments of national power and well-coordinated force with partners, this latent attack did not succeed, we protected our constitutional order, our sovereignty and defended our territorial integrity. However, we are fully aware that the threat is still there as long as 48 Serbian forward operational bases exist along the border with Kosovo, and as long as Serbia continues to have a homogenous approach towards its neighbors. Let me emphasize that Kosovo will never be a threat to anyone, but we are prepared to be a friend to all. In recent years, Kosovo has made great achievements in the development of security and defense capabilities. Within two years, the budget for the Ministry of Defense and the KSF has increased by 120 percent. During the last two years, we almost doubled the number of military personnel, tripled investments in the weapon system, and participated in many joint and multinational exercises”, said Maqedonci.

The KSF commander, Bashkim Jashari, said that the KSF would not be here if it did not have the support of allied countries with military training.

Jashari said that together with the Minister of Defense they have a regular cooperation and according to him, the latest case in Banjska is a message that the KSF must always be ready.

“I ask for your support, because by training together we increase the readiness of our countries against growing security threats. I am sure that you, as military representatives, are informed about the case of the September 24 terrorist attack in the north of Kosovo. The KSF together with the Ministry of Defense has been in close coordination with all local and international security institutions. The case of the latest attack as a security development in the world, are clear indicators that the KSF must be ready to carry out its constitutional and legal mission every time”, he said.

US ambassador to Kosovo, Jeff Hovenier, said that they are ready to support a multi-ethnic military force for Kosovo. He said that the US has given over 23 million in aid to the KSF and the Ministry of Defense.

The Ambassador of Germany, Jorn Rohde, said that Germany continues to be a strong partner of Kosovo, because according to him, Kosovo is an excellent partner for the transformation of the KSF.

The Ambassador of Turkey to Kosovo, Sabri Tunç Angılı, emphasized that Turkey will always be Kosovo’s partner to strengthen cooperation for a bright future.

He thanked the Kosovo search and rescue team for the help they provided during the earthquake in Turkey.

The Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain in Kosovo, Paul O’Connor emphasized that the British KFOR is focused around the borders of Kosovo, he also appreciated the work of the police and their willingness to help the population in terms of security.