Krasniqi wins the silver medal in the Judo Masters

Our judoka, Distria Krasniqi, has brought Kosovo the silver medal from the World Judo Masters, which is being held in Budapest, Hungary.
In the category up to 52 kilograms, Krasniqi was defeated in the final of this competition by the French judoka, Amandine Bouchard, KosovaPress reports.
Meanwhile, in the journey to the silver medal, Krasniqi passed the first round without a fight, while in the second he defeated the Belgian, Amber Ryheul.

Distria continued with victory in the quarterfinals, where she defeated the German judoka, Mascha Ballhaus.
In the semi-finals, Krasniqi faced the Hungarian, Reka Pupp, where she scored a victory against her, which ensured her the final of this competition.
But, in the final, Distria was unlucky, as she was defeated by the French, Amandine Bouchard.