Kosovo is the host of the conference of the Supreme Courts of Europe

The Supreme Court of Kosovo today welcomed the 14th conference of the Chief Justices of Central and Eastern Europe, which was organized together with the CEELI Institute and with the support of the Kosovo Judicial Council and the USAID.

In his speech, the president of the Supreme Court, Fejzullah Rexhepi, said that this conference is a good opportunity for the exchange of ideas and cooperation between the highest judicial levels, both local and international.

“This conference is being organized for the first time in Kosovo, in which case the Supreme Court of Kosovo has the honor of being the host of the conference, which is organized together with the CEELI Institute and with the support of the Kosovo Judicial Council, and USAID. This conference is a unique opportunity for discussion, cooperation and exchange of ideas between the highest domestic and international judicial levels, where we can reflect on the successes, failures of our justice systems, share our best practices and define a path towards a better future where law and order is constantly strengthened and protected. Where human rights and the dignity of every individual are respected”, said Rexhepi.

Meanwhile, speaking about the importance of the independence of the judiciary, Rexhepi said that such a thing is the basis of a functional democracy.

He called for efforts to protect this independence, as according to him, this should not be taken for granted.

Furthermore, Rexhepi added that there are some cases of power interference, such as the reduction of salaries for judges and the statements of the members of the government on the issues that are under consideration in the courts, which he said present unacceptable pressure in relation to the work of the judiciary.

Also the president of the Constitutional Court, Gresa Caka Nimani, said that the independence of the judiciary is the basis of the rule of law.

The founder of the CEELI Institute, Homer E. Moyer emphasized that strengthening the rule of law is important for the country.

Praising the achievements of the region’s countries in the area of rule of law, Moyer said that 35 years ago the Balkan region was under authoritarian governments, but now two-thirds of the countries now rank at the top of the global index of the rule of law.

“The CEELI Institute develops various programs for judges and courts of different levels and in many aspects this is more important for the presidents of the Supreme Courts to have private conversations about the rule of law, about their courts and strengthening the rule of law is yes so important and so with a uniquely important group of jurists. Let me conclude by praising all of you, 35 years ago every country in this region was under authoritarian governments where the rule of law was not respected, while today 2/3 of your countries rank at the top of the global index of the rule of law that is produced every year by the project of justice in the world”, he said.

The senior district judge, John Wolker, said that in today’s discussion based on five selected topics, he expects the participants to discuss the challenges of the judicial system in the country.