Konjufca is optimistic about Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe

The Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, expressed optimism that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in today’s meeting, will vote in favor of Kosovo’s membership in this organization.

However, Konjufca said that the third big step remains for Kosovo in the Committee of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in the month of May. He emphasized that any imposition of additional conditions related to the establishment of the Association would be unfair to Kosovo.

Asked if the draft statute of the Association will be sent to the Constitutional Court before the final vote in the Council of Europe, Konjufca said that nobody should burden Kosovo with something that is not highlighted in the report of the rapporteur for Kosovo, Dora Bokojanis.

If a condition is imposed on the Association, Konjufca said that this would be done for the interests of the mediator Miroslav Lajcak and the processes that he has not completed.

Konjufca made these comments in front of the journalists, as he was a participant in the Women Peace Security Forum.

He also spoke about the murder of the woman in Peja and the demands for calling the Security Council, for declaring a state of emergency.