Ikovic: Montenegro doesn’t have environmental protection policies

Podgorica, (MINA) – Montenegro must harmonize its development with the nature’s capacities, to avoid the situation in which application of the measures that regulate negative climate change impact is not possible, biologist and environmental activist Vuk Ikovic warns.

He argues that Montenegro doesn’t have the environmental protection policies.

In an interview with the MINA News Agency, Ikovic said that Montenegro, as well as a number of countries in the region and Europe, is facing an increasing number of dry days and less water available due to climate change, adding that one of the main problems is that decision makers don’t listen to science.

He underscored that the situation regarding the flora and fauna in Montenegro is much worse than it was 30 or 40 years ago, primarily due to, as he said, hectic development and investments, as well as production practices that disregard the consequences for human and natural resources.

“The indecision in the political messages coming from, first of all, the parties in power is such that citizens are increasingly confused, even doubting the climate change existence”, said Ikovic.

When asked if Montenegro has been implementing specific measures to mitigate negative impact of climate change to biodiversity, Ikovic replied that development must be harmonized with nature.

“As long as economic, or any other development, is not harmonized with the nature’s capacities, Montenegro will stagnate or continue on a wrong track”, Ikovic remarked.

He emphasized that Montenegro was not accidentally proclaimed an ecological country, stating that it is unique because there is enormous diversity in a small area.

“Instead of taking advantage of it, we settled for a catchphrase, but we did not materialize that idea, nor did we translate it from some legal solutions and decisions into action”, said Ikovic.