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Iconic vehicles from Old Cars Club Italy attract thousands of motorsport enthusiasts in heart of Tirana

The iconic vehicles from the Old Cars Club from Italy attracted the attention of thousands of motorsport enthusiasts during the II edition of Automotive Fair Albania, which took place November 26-29 in Tirana.

Prime Minister Edi Rama shared in the social media moments from this fair with special and rare cars.

Rama wrote that, “Iconic vehicles from the Old Cars Club from Italy competed for the first time in Albania in a circuit dedicated to the city, attracting hundreds and thousands of motorsport enthusiasts in the heart of Tirana as part of Automotive Fair Albania”.

During this fair, there were offered to the public mini-races, parades and automotive shows as well as exhibitions of RETRO vehicles of high historical interest. There were also educational activities for all age groups.

During the fair, in addition to the space dedicated to all those who are passionate about classic vehicles, modern ones, vehicle technology and more, there were held conferences with over 40 speakers and experts on mobility, road safety and entrepreneurship, climathon and educative and entertaining activities for young ages and the general public, competition and sports shows.