Human trafficking ring delivering migrants from Turkiye to Evia dismantled

A human trafficking ring that transported migrants from Turkiye to Evia and then to the Greek mainland was dismantled by the Greek Port Authority following a tip-off, it was announced on Friday.
The Port Authority chased a suspected trafficker off the region of Agios Nikolaos-Koskina in southeast Evia, around 01:50. The suspected trafficker tried to ram the Port Authority vessels surrounding him with the 10-meter boat he was driving (800hp) but was forced to surrender along with a fellow-passenger.
According to a tip-off, a dinghy was delivering migrants to Aliveri, on western Evia. While the sea chase was going on, Port Authority officials on land blocked four vehicles, including a van, that carried four Afghani and two Pakistani nationals who were part of the ring and were waiting to pick up the migrants and drive them to Athens.
The suspected traffickers were expected to be led before a prosecutor with the case file.
Kymi and Chalkida port officials are continuing investigations to find out if more persons are involved in this trafficking ring.