HoR MPs pass the laws on foreigners and wine market, harmonized with the EU acquis

The MPs in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted at yesterday’s emergency session the amendments to the Law on Foreigners, as well as the Bill on the organization of the wine market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These laws confirm appropriate compliance with European Union regulations in the field of migration and the wine market, it was stated by the Council of Ministers, which proposed that both laws be considered under an urgent legislative procedure.

When it comes to the Law on Foreigners, it takes over four EU regulations adopted from 2016 to 2021 in the process of continuous harmonization of BiH regulations with the EU acquis. 

Amendments to the law aim to facilitate the stay of digital nomads in BiH, and the intention of the Council of Ministers of BiH is to further extend their stay in BiH, which is why the possibility of amending the law further has been announced.

The law is harmonized with EU regulations related to the areas of issuing visas, permanent and temporary residence, education, research, participation in exchange programs, professional practice, volunteering, employment of highly qualified workers and work on the basis of a blue card, as well as on the basis humanitarian reasons.

THe MPs started a debate on the proposal for a resolution on preventing all forms of violence against women and harassment of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was proposed by the MPs of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of BiH.

Since a large number of amendments were proposed to the resolution, some of which would completely change the text of the resolution, the proponents of the law, the SDP Club, requested that the vote on it be postponed until the next session in order to agree on a unified text of the resolution and then vote for the entire document.