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Gjirokastra Castle, a must-see attraction for visitors

TIRANA, June 4 /ATA/ Gjirokastra Castle is always a must-see attraction for visitors to the stone city. Thanks to the historical and architectural values that the castle carries, local and foreign visitors consider it the most preferred monument to be on the list of places to see. 

Statistics recently published by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage Gjirokastër clearly reflect this preference. The number of visitors to Gjirokastra Castle for the month of May reached 31,665 visitors. Compared to the same month a year ago, this figure is 59% higher, or 11,751 more visitors than during the same period in 2023. While compared to May 2022, 21,775 more visitors were registered.

The castle is the landmark of the city of Gjirokastra, which is mentioned for the first time as a city and castle in 1336. However, different historians think that the existence of the stone castle dates back earlier. The history of this castle peaked in the period of the Paschalek of Ioannina, when Ali Pasha Tepelena commissioned a series of new constructions or other interventions, giving the Gjirokastra Castle the architectural and construction physiognomy it has today.

The Castle has also served as the backdrop for concerts, shows and various cultural fairs. The stone castle is also one of the most attractive spots in the guides of local and foreign tourist groups that visit Gjirokastra, protected by UNESCO.