Festival of the Ancient Fortresses of Dobrudja, anniversary event of establishment of Romanian administration in the region

A large cultural event entitled The Festival of the Ancient Fortresses of Dobrudja, organized by the Museum of National History and Archaeology of Constanta, will take place over five weeks and will mark the 145th anniversary of the establishment of the Romanian administration in Dobrudja, informs the museum, in a press release sent to AGERPRES.
Starting with July 29, the festival will allow the people of southeastern Constanta and tourists on the Romanian coast to discover “in a unique and original way” some defining elements of the history of the region between the Danube and the Black Sea.
“Seen as a cosmopolitan and unique territory in today’s Romania, Dobrudja is recognized in particular for the cultural and ethnic diversity that has marked its entire existence, but also for its diverse geographical areas or economic and social development. These will be, as a matter of fact, the defining elements of the event, around which the five activities of The Festival of the Ancient Fortresses of Dobrudja will take place. According to the calendar, each of these activities will take place at the end of each week from 29 July to 27 August, each time in another carefully selected area among the sites administered by the Museum of National History and Archaeology of Constanta,” says the mentioned press release.
The five fortresses included in this edition of the festival are Capidava (29 July), Histria (5 August), Tropaeum Traiani (11-13 August), Ulmetum (19 August) and Sacidava (26-27 August).
Among the events organised during each of the five stages are visits to the fortresses, traditional dance performances, ancient theatre, thematic artistic film screenings, tastings of local culinary products and wines of Dobrudja origin, ceramics workshops, fairs to promote local producers, treasure hunting or general culture and photography competitions.
In addition, a series of events will take place exclusively during the weekend dedicated to the Tropaeum Traiani Fortress of Adamclisi, between 11 and 13 August.AGERPRES(RO – author: Gina Stefan, editor: Georgiana Tanasescu; EN – author: Simona Iacob, editor: Maria Voican)