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“Evangelization” icon restauration, Onufri’s artistic treasure completed

TIRANA, Feb 29 /ATA/ The “Evangelization” icon, an artistic treasure, made by Cypriot Onufri, escaped degradation thanks to the work of Conservation & Restoration laboratory at the “Onufri Iconographic Museum.

After months of work by the restorer Erion Lezi the interventions on “Evangelization” icon, a work of the 16th – 17th centuries, was finally completed.

The icon, which served as the Beautiful Door of the iconostasis of the church of Constantine and Helena in the fortress of Berat, the scene of the Evangelization is presented.

In the lower part, the archangel Gabriel is announcing the birth of the savior to the Virgin Mary, while the prophet Isaiah and King David stand above.

Today the icon is presented in its full splendor and will soon be on public display in Onufri Museum,  where they can admire the craftsmanship and finesse of the art of Cypriot Onufri.