Electricity output meets the demand

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – Total electricity output in Montenegro amounted to 4,040 gigawatt-hours (GWh) last year, which is 27.17 percent more compared to gross consumption, which was 3,180 GWh.

“The annual output met the demand, resulting in a surplus of 863.72 GWh,” stated a report on the last year’s energy balance, published by the Ministry of Energy and Mining.

Last year, as opposed to 2022, electricity was generated under much more favourable conditions.

“Thanks to very favourable hydrological conditions and record production at the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant (TPP), the total output has met the domestic consumption demand. There was a surplus of electricity, while security of the power system, and reliability of consumer supply were at a high level,” stated the document.

Last year’s total electricity output in Montenegro, which reached 4,040 GWh, was 12.36 percent higher than planned, or 25.31 percent higher compared to 2022.