Eichhorst: This was a big day for the BiH AF and we are happy to provide this specific support

Director General for Europe in the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Service, Angelina Eichhorst, who is visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, today attended the handover ceremony of medical and transport vehicles in the “Rajlovac” barracks of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The EU donated the equipment to the Demining Battalion of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This equipment is part of the 10 million euro assistance of the European Union within the framework of the European Peace Fund to support the achievement of the goal of a mine-free BiH and strengthening the capacities of the Armed Forces of BiH.

After the handover, Eichhorst thanked the Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the commanders of EUFOR and NATO, and said that this was a big and significant day for the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“First of all, it is a big day for the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For our part, we are happy to have the opportunity to celebrate it together. Another reason today is this specific support that we have delivered, which should improve the safety and security of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Eichhorst.

She added that this support was realized in cooperation with the Minister and the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it comes at an important time.

“I can confirm that we will continue to work and support Bosnia and Herzegovina on its European path,” said Eichhorst.

The BiH Minister of Defense Zukan Helez said that after the ceremony celebrating the 18th anniversary of the Armed Forces of BiH, the handover of 68 vehicles took place for the needs of the demining team, donated by the European Union.

“This donation will be valuable to our Demining Battalion because we previously had to use helicopters when the terrain was inaccessible,” Helez said.

Helez, answering a journalist’s question, said that as far as equipment is concerned, they have a multi-year project, when it comes to uniforms, 39 million KM have been secured already.

When it comes to other equipment, he says that there have been blockades in the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2017.

“The Presidency passed the decision on modernization, or a plan for the modernization of the Armed Forces, whereby the Council of Ministers was obliged to allocate a certain amount of money in each year’s budget. However, that was not happening. It always got blocked. So everything we get is from internal reserves,” Minister Helez said.

He stated that this year, they will also have a significant amount of money to invest in equipment and weapons.