Egg sorting, packaging and storage unit, financed by AFIR with over 800,000 euros

The Agency for Rural Investment Financing (AFIR) financed the project “Establishment of egg sorting, packaging and storage unit”, implemented by the beneficiary Ovo Product Cooperativa Agricola, in Cristian comune, central Sibiu County, with a total value of the investment amounting to EUR 1,158 million, of which EUR 811,239 is the value of the non-reimbursable financing granted through National Plan for Rural Development PNDR 2020.

The financing contract was concluded in August 2019 and the investment was completed in December 2022.

‘The unit shall serve cooperative members and other producers within a radius of 200 kilometres. The project aims to create a food chain, especially for those producers who need an easier market outlet. Selling products is a challenge, especially in our country and involves a lot of work daily. We sell products in major national stores, which we have collaborated well with. AFIR supported us throughout the implementation of the investment, offered us support whenever necessary and we did not feel so much verified, but rather helped by AFIR representatives,” Alexander Graffius, legal representative of the project, says.

According to AFIR, the investment project of the agricultural cooperative obtained financing for the establishment of an egg collection, reception, storage, conditioning, sorting and packaging unit, with the aim of collecting eggs from cooperative members and other authorized local producers and ensure their marketing to final consumers by creating an integrated food chain.

For this purpose, a production hall of 1,322 square meters was built and several equipment were purchased: an egg sorting machine, two wrapping machines, two input printers, four output printers, three refrigeration machines and 252 pallets.

“The existing capacity at the time of the submission of the project was about 57,000 eggs/day, and the one achieved after the implementation of the project is 135,000 eggs/day. The annual quantity of marketed products is over 38 million eggs per year. Following the implementation of the project, 85 pct packaged eggs and 15 pct loose eggs will be sold,” the source says.

AFIR specifies that the investment ensures a considerable increase in production, but also better quality control with the help of high-performance equipment and qualified personnel.