€93 granted per stork nest in Zagreb County

ZAGREB, 31 July (Hina) – The authorities in Zagreb County continue implementing a scheme under which owners of properties at which white storks build their nests are compensated for conserving those nests.
Roofs where stork nests need repairing every 10 years. Pairs of storks build a large stick nest, which may be used for decades and storks bring more and material to expand their nests over years. Thus, these expanded nests can reach the weight up to 100 kilos, which is why the roofs need repair and maintenance.
Applications for grants can be submitted until 25 August.
The white stork can be found in Europe, west and middle Asia, and north and south Afica, and there are about 250,000 pairs in the world, the majority of which nest in Europe.
There were between 1,100 and 1,300 pairs in Croatia, of which nearly 900 nest in the Sava river basin area in 2020. They prefer open, wet and dry meadows and farmland, and they nest in villages, on buildings and posts.
Their autumn migration begins in August.
Stork Day is observed on 24 August.
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