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Durrës port, over 827 thousand passengers during 2023

TIRANA, January 27/ATA/ There has been a high flow of passengers at the Port of Durrës during 2023.

The Durrës Port Authority reported today that, “Last year, 409,839 passengers were registered at the entrance and 418,013 at the exit of the ferry terminal, i.e. a 3% increase compared to 2022”.

According to the Port Authority, during 2023, over 827 thousand passengers and 96,429 vehicles traveled from/to the Port of Durrës.

The Port Authority also said that the flow of entry and exit of foreign citizens has shown an increase of 22% compared to January-December 2022, which also implies the high number of tourists who have chosen to visit our country.

This upward trend in the traveler sector is a reflection not only of a very successful tourist season, but also of the tariff policies the Port Authority applies, which are in support of economic development and domestic tourism.