Croats set to spend €1,000 on vacation in 2024, 7 in 10 to have summer holidays

ZAGREB,В 4 June (Hina) – Most Croatians plan to vacation in Croatia and Europe this year, and only few have plans to travel outside Europe, according to the findings of a MasterIndex survey conducted among 1,000 respondents who are likely to spend about €1,000 for this purpose.

According to the traditional opinion poll which the Improve pollster usually conducts ahead of the summer holidays, as many as 92% of respondents plan to go on holiday, and the Mastercard company describes it as optimistic.

Almost 8 in 10 (77%) plan to travel in Croatia, and a half of the respondents plan a trip in Europe, while a mere 6% are set to travel outside Europe.

Furthermore, 70% of respondents plan to have summer holidays, a similar share as in 2023.

Seven percent of those who are inclined to travel abroad prefer vacationing outside Croatia due to more favourable prices. The planned average duration of summer vacationing is 10 days.

Croatia sets trend in encouraging pre- and post-season tourism

The Croatian office of Mastercard also pointed out the importance of sustainable tourism and Mastercard Economics Institute Travel Trends 2024 shows that more and more guests opt for travelling outside the peak summer season, that is in May and June and in September and October. Natalia Lechmanova of Mastercard Economics Institute in Europe says that this trend is especially conspicuous in Croatia.

With a 4.5 percentage point rise in overnight stays outside the summer season in the last decade, Croatia ranks first in this positive trend among European countries, she says.