Croatian military to be further strengthened with Black Hawk helicopters

The government on Wednesday adopted decisions that would strengthen the human resources capacity of the Croatian Air Force and contribute to the use and maintenance of Black Hawk helicopters.

“In a historic week for Croatia and the Croatian military, with the purchase of Rafale multi-purpose fighter jets, we are continuing to strengthen the Croatian military by equipping it with UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters in partnership with the government of the United States ,” Defence Minister Mario BanoЕѕiД‡ said at the cabinet meeting.

The government adopted two decisions concerning the equipping of the Croatian military with Black Hawk helicopters. One would ensure funding for the training of additional pilots and technicians for these helicopters, which have been in use by the Croatian Air Force since last year.

Banožić said that the Armed Forces had expressed the need to increase the number of flying and maintenance personnel, adding that such integral logistical support would ensure the presence of specialists that would advise and mentor Air Force maintenance personnel for two years.

The government gave permission to the Defence Ministry to use budget funds from 2024 to 2026 to equip the Croatian military with helicopters.

Given that the goods and services planned under this project hadВ not been delivered according to schedule in the previous years, less VAT was paid than provided for under the government decision of 2019, so the decision would be amended to determine the new schedule of payment of the remaining liabilities.

The funding for the implementation of these decisions will be provided from the Defence Ministry budget.