Beer Fest 2023 in Korça, most popular event of summer season in Albania

Beer Fest 2023 starts today in Korça. Mayor of Korça Sotiraq Filo wrote in the social media that, “Everything is ready for the 5 fantastic evenings of the biggest and most popular event of the summer season in Albania”.
The Municipality of Korça has made public for days the rules on which participation in the Beer Festival 2023 functions.
There will be a total of 222 tables in the area in front of the stage where the artists will perform. In this area, table service will be offered, while those who do not prefer to reserve a table, will have all the other space available, which will be free.
Entrance to the concerts on the 16th and 17th will be free, while tickets will be sold for the other three evenings. Children up to 14 years old will be able to go with their parents without any payment.
The 17th edition of the biggest and most popular event of the summer season in Albania will take place from August 16-20 at the area by the Bus Terminal in Korça.
There will be 5 electrifying evenings with fantastic music and the most prominent Albanian singers such as Elvana Gjata, Ylli Limani, Eugent Bushpepa, Endri and Stefi Prifti, etc., who will perform on the stage.
There will also be “retro” moments with music from the 90s with the groups “No Mercy”, “La Bouche”, as well as Greek music stars Despina Vandi and Keti Garbi, who will bring to thousands of participants from inside and abroad emotions and a real spectacle.