As of today, citizens can activate their digital identity, digital wallet available by end of 2024

SARAJEVO, January 29 (FENA) – Representatives of the Agency for Identification Documents, Records and Data Exchange of BiH (IDDEEA) announced at a press conference in Sarajevo that, as of today, the BiH citizens will be able to activate their digital identity via the Agency’s website – www.iddeea.gov.ba.

The Director of the Agency, Almir Badnjević, stated that this provides citizens with electronic access to various services, such as viewing personal records, checking the status of violations, checking the status of documents, digital signatures, but also to the services of the institutions at all levels.

He added that remote digital signing will be available through the digital identity web service, and in addition, IDDEEA is also working on the implementation of a digital wallet in accordance with the latest European regulations, which should be presented by the end of the year.

The Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin Forto, pointed out that for the first time, we have momentum in the digitization process, which will enable the simplification of administrative procedures and the reduction of the number of required documents.

The BiH Minister of Justice Davor Bunoza expressed hope that this marks the start of the real process of digitalization of the administration and judiciary in BiH, for which it will be necessary to amend the laws on administrative and civil procedure.