Arctic and Borsec lead the 2023 ranking of the most powerful Romanian brands

Home appliance maker Arctic and mineral water company Borsec top the list of the most powerful Romanian brands in 2023, while Tazz, Laptaria cu Caimac and 5toGo are the leaders in the category of brands younger than ten years, reveals a survey conducted by a research company and a business magazine.

eMAG holds the second spot in the latest ranking of most powerful Romanian brands, Napolact comes third. Other top companies are Aqua Carpatica, Bucovina, Pate Bucegi, FAN Courier, Dorna, Dacia and Gerovital.

This year, the ranking of the strongest Romanian brands was completed by a new category dedicated to brands younger than ten years, which also includes Freshful, LaDoiPasi, Untold, Spartan, Neversea, Artesana and Mototol.

“The respondents declared that in 2023 they bought just as many Romanian brands/products as last year (46 percent), or even more in the last year (28 percent). We are therefore witnessing a greater demand for Romanian brands than in the past, as 39 percent estimate that next year they will buy more Romanian goods and services,” the authors of the survey mentioned.

The BrandRO survey measures the strength of Romanian brands from the perspective of customer trust and affection, without taking into account financial and commercial indices.