AmCham Romania: Level of appreciation of investment climate reaches new positive record

Bucharest, July 4 /Agerpres/ – The level of appreciation of the investment climate reaches a new positive record (51%), the intentions to increase operations and investment plans in 2023 are still at high levels, according to a survey conducted by AmCham Romania.

According to the quoted source, for the investment climate as a whole, the good and very good rating was given in the 2023 edition by 51% of the companies participating in the survey, compared to 39% last year, in an increase and compared to the perception in 2019, before the pandemic.

“The high level of optimism can be an indicator of the fact that the pressing impact of the multiple crises manifested in recent years is beginning to fade, but also of confidence in Romania’s development opportunities,” the authors of the survey say.

The increased confidence also comes from the business results from 2022, with growth in all analyzed chapters compared to the anticipated level: revenues (67%), number of employees (51%) and investments made (55%). The companies maintain an optimistic perspective, anticipating similar performances on all three levels and for the current year, which indicates maturity and resilience acquired by overcoming the challenges and uncertainty of recent years.

Regarding the most appreciated market conditions, the quality of the digital infrastructure ranks first for the fifth consecutive year, increasing from 49% in 2022 to 57%, followed by the quality of human capital, which 47% of respondents find it good and very good.

In contrast, the list of the least appreciated market conditions is established by the weak and precarious qualifications given to each of the first five by the majority of companies participating in the survey. With 84%, the quality of transport infrastructure surpasses in this year’s edition debureaucratization, which remains in 2nd place with 74%. This is followed by the quality of the health infrastructure (68%), the price of energy (65%) and the predictability of the investment framework (62%).

In the AmCham survey on the quality of the investment environment, the 2023 edition, carried out in May, 40% of the total of 530 AmCham Romania member companies participated, at CEO or CFO level. Of these, 48% are large taxpayers, 32% – medium taxpayers and 20% – small taxpayers, according to the ANAF classification.