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Albania celebrates Independence Day with pan-Albanian parade along Tirana’s main boulevard

Thousands of Albanians from all over the world participated today in Tirana in the Albanian Parade organized in context of the 111th anniversary of Albania’s Independence Day.

Although the weather conditions were unfavorable, the parade started from the “Mother Teresa” square and the participants marched along the “Martyrs of the Nation” boulevard up to the “Skanderbeg” square in central Tirana, where there was held the ceremonial raising of the Albanian flag.

Already turned into a tradition in New York, the Albanians from all over the world dressed in red and black colors of the flag and folk costumes crowded the streets of Tirana today. Under the rhythm of Albanian music, the participants created a festive atmosphere.

About 150 delegations from Albanian municipalities, together with their ensembles joined in this remarkable event. Pupils and students were also part of the parade, as well as representatives from Plava, Gucia, municipalities and small Albanian municipalities of Montenegro, from Presheva and Bujanovci, Kosovo, North Macedonia, 47 Albanian delegations, etc.

Many citizens stayed on both sides of the boulevard to closely follow the parade.

The parade was organized by the municipality of Tirana in cooperation with the “Albanian Roots” Association.