Abazovic: EU must revive enlargement process

The Western Balkans can suffer the same fate as Ukraine, and thus the EU must revive the enlargement process, said Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic.

As Pobjeda daily reports, speaking at the Warsaw Security Forum, Abazovic said that the people of Ukraine were not defending only themselves, but the right to choose their own path.

Abazovic said that the EU must revive the enlargement process if it wanted to remain attractive to new members.

“If we want to feel safer in terms of Russia or China one day, or another global player, I believe that the EU should decide to revive the enlargement process”, said Abazovic.

He said that it was time to form bigger coalitions and that the world needed higher level of cooperation.

“Today a small country of Montenegro is the country with the most refugees from Ukraine in Europe, in comparison to its size- 5 per cent of its population and we are proud of it”, said Abazovic.

According to him, Montenegro allocates 14 per cent of its military budget for Ukraine.

“If every European country would do the same as Montenegro, the war would end in two to three weeks”, said Abazovic.

He argues that Montenegro’s decision to be part of the NATO was equally important as the decision that it wanted to be part of the EU.

“It is of extreme importance for small countries, but I think that today we have so many challenges and that our countries cannot be outside the collective security system”, said Abazovic.

Speaking about the situation in Kosovo, he said that all the countries of the region want the situation between Serbia and Kosovo to be resolved.

Abazovic remarked that Russia was seeking for new hot spots in Europe, adding that it should concern everyone.