4,430 foreign vessels in Montenegro last year

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – According to Monstat, a total of 4,430 foreign vessels entered the territorial waters of Montenegro last year, for leisure, sports, and recreation.

Official statistics show that, out of this number, 3,740 vessels arrived by sea, while 689 were transported by land.

“According to the type of foreign vessels for leisure, sports, and recreation, sailboats accounted for 42.6 percent, followed by motor yachts with 39.5 percent, and other types of vessels with 17.9 percent,” stated a press release issued by the Statistical Office.

The number of individuals who arrived by these vessels last year reached 18,610.

In terms of nationality, the largest number of individuals on these vessels were from the United Kingdom (8.5 percent), Germany (7.1 percent), Italy (6.9 percent), the United States of America (6.1 percent), Croatia (5.4 percent), France (3 percent), Austria (2.5 percent), Switzerland (1.5 percent), Slovenia (1.1 percent), and other countries (57.9 percent).